Interregnum: The Singles Collection - Each one is different.

The latest release from Olivia & The Mates. A 5-song collection of singles recorded over the course of our interregnum period, 2010-2012.

To download, go to CD Baby by clicking on "buy CD" below. To obtain a one-of-kind, handcrafted physical CD, hit the PayPal "buy now" button below.

Olivia & the Mates: Interregnum: The Singles Collection
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"Be Where You Are" T-shirts - A fashionable reminder to pay attention to the now.

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"Singing the Chorus // Ruby, Baby" CD single - Each one is different.

Limited-edition, hand-numbered and -crafted CD single of the Mates' newest songs. Recorded at drummer/producer Randy Scope's studio, these tunes are immediate and real. If your CD has blue lettering, you've won yourself a t-shirt. Contact us to claim your prize. PS Digital artwork, above, by Katherine Hardy.

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You Can See the Mountains From Here

The Chatterbox EP

Download the songs.

This Kind of Life