Olivia Mancini & The Mates


Long Dead Whispering is the debut album from Washington D.C.’s The Sleeping Secrets. Electronic but acoustic, ambient yet folksy, Long Dead Whispering is full of imagery, of the deepest sea, of the slightest breeze, of floating beneath the waves. At the center is the ethereal voice of Olivia Mancini, which moves and twists and winds over and between Randy Scope’s instrumentation of everything from strings to theramin to the sounds of birds in the early morning.

Scope and Mancini met while playing drums and bass, respectively, in Washington Social Club, a D.C. rock band known for their explosive live shows and up-tempo songs. The Sleeping Secrets is the other side to that coin. Long Dead Whispering will take you into the depths, and then out, drifting with the waves…