If We Knew Then: A Compilation

Olivia Mancini

A chronological compilation of Olivia Mancini's best songs 2006-2017, including unreleased bonus tracks. Olivia Mancini is known for her catchy, sing-a-long melodies and incisive lyrics paired with a sound that's both "classic and fresh" (Washington Post)

When Olivia Mancini was a little girl in Washington, DC, she dreamed of being a rock and roll star. If not a rock and roll star, at least she would like to play in a rock and roll band. “Drum set” and “electric guitar” topped her Christmas list for years, but never appeared under the tree. With the necessary implements out of reach, Olivia concentrated on classical music, playing French horn in orchestras and bands. Then, one fortuitous day, Olivia crashed her mother’s car and was grounded indefinitely. But before the shackles were securely in place, she purchased her first guitar and spent the long hours of imprisonment rocking out. It was, oddly enough, a very liberating experience.

Olivia took her rock and roll dreams and ran with them, playing bass in the Washington Social Club (Badman Records) for several years, before starting her own group, Olivia & the Mates. Hit fast-forward and Olivia Mancini has been touring the U.S. and Europe for more than 15 years, performing with top acts like Pat Benatar, The Hold Steady, STARS, Matthew Sweet, Bob Mould, and Melissa Ferrick. Her music has appeared in Gossip Girl, Entourage, ER, and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. Later, Olivia teamed with Virginia Coalition’s Jarrett Nicolay to make albums under the moniker Astra Via (Aerobic International).

Over the years, the press has warmed to her engaging, personable, often humorous, upbeat folk-rock/jangle pop hybrid. “Olivia Mancini’s sense for melody will make any songwriter jealous,” quips WTOP radio, while NBC New York says, “Patsy Cline meets Tom Petty sounds flip, but it’s accurate when it comes to this DC-based singer songwriter.”

Versatility is Olivia’s true charm - she can stretch the boundaries of musical genres without sounding as if she’s out of place. To make the most of her musical palette, Olivia creates music in several groups, including the more electro-pop Astra Via (Aerobic International), the rootsy Donny Hue and the Colors (Kora Records), and the retro-pop Ed and Donna. Olivia also writes music for movies and TV, including the National Geographic Channel.

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